Full Employment Jam (or Working Conference)

The need for a federal jobs program to achieve full employment is compelling. But no grassroots movement is focused on that goal. One reason may be that there is no consensus among experts, advocates, activists, and think tanks about how best to move in that direction.

The Full Employment Jam (or Working Conference) is intended to establish an open, collaborative method for surfacing, clarifying, evaluating, and uniting behind models for federal legislation to achieve full employment.

The primary intent is not to identify one proposal and then try to build one organization to back it (though that could be the result). Rather the aim is to enable concerned parties to better understand the major, basic options and to facilitate a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of those options.

The first step will be to briefly delineate and post major options in terms of model federal full-employment legislation.

Then we hope to convene a national “Jam” at which these models (and perhaps others that emerge later) will be evaluated face-to-face. No time or location has been set for this gathering.

Afterwards, participating individuals and others will choose which option, or options, to actively promote.

We are developing this project by working on shared Google docs:

If you want to help develop this project as a co-equal collaborator editing shared Google docs, please email one of the co-editors listed on the About page. Feel free to extend this invitation to others.

The current co-editors are Rania Antonopoulos, Phil Harvey, Wade Hudson, and Vern Simula.