Possible Purpose-Driven Community Projects

Dear Steve and Joshua:

Concerning the “purpose-driven community,” here are some additional ideas about possible projects that would interest me:

1) A writing team — compose content collaboratively and distribute it publicly under a pseudonym.

2) Writing workshops – compose drafts of content collaboratively (perhaps including the community’s initial manifesto), post it online for review and comment, convene a day-long workshop to discuss and perhaps work collaboratively on refining it (if folks support the thrust of the work). The workshop could open with a panel of individuals whose prominence would help attract participation and then form breakout groups whose members would agree on proposed amendments to the content and present their proposals for consideration to a plenary session. A tally of support for each proposal would be recorded. Subsequently, the ultimate decision-making team (perhaps a second workshop, or the founding conference) could incorporate input from the workshop.

3) A resource catalog – A website that would compile and present resources — such as essays, books, advocacy organizations, activist organizations, quotes, etc. – in each aspect of society – such as personal/spiritual, community, education, media, government, economy, etc., as well as a section that would present a systemic overview. Community members might rate the resources online to highlight top ones, or an editorial team could do the rating with broad input. Occasionally, a hard copy of the catalog could be published, as was the Whole Earth Catalog.

Carry it on,


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