Is Trump Responsible for the Coverup?

From “The Cover-Up Betrays Trump’s Guilt“: 

No one has accused one key person of being part of the cover-up: Trump himself. While his aides tried to hide his behavior, the president himself has been fairly forthcoming….

He has said he wanted Ukraine to investigate corruption, and he has insisted that what he was doing was a proper exercise of his prerogatives in setting American foreign policy….

Trump might have had the better argument politically…. The president recognizes that when he brazens out a scandal, acknowledging the basic facts but insisting he did nothing wrong and attacking his opponents, he has been able to survive.

If that analysis is right, and Trump is not responsible for the Ukraine coverup, his tactic may not work this time.

One Response to Is Trump Responsible for the Coverup?

  1. At an event today on another subject, I asked a law professor, “If a public administrator tells his staff to stop the leaks and the staff establishes an illegal method for doing that, is the public administrator legally liable?” The professor said no, but agreed that the administrator could be politically vulnerable because “the buck stops here.”

    At the end of This Week on ABC this morning. I believe that Chris Christie advised the President to find out who over-classified those transcripts and fire that person. That feels to me like political advice. If Trump fails to do so, he could be more vulnerable politically due to the coverup.

    If you hear of more discussion of this issue, I’d appreciate hearing about it.


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