3 Responses to Bernie Sanders and His Internet Army

  1. I think Bernie sets an unfortunate tone by inflaming righteous anger into doctrinaire rage. And he does not adequately criticize supporters who cross the line.

    • I don’t know about “doctrinaire rage” But I do think Bernie could and should talk more about the kind of society he wants to see, and not exclusively about the tiny minority who are preventing that. His most recent TV commercial, based on “The Times they are A’Changin” has that kind of positivity. He talks too much about what is wrong, and not his vision for the future. As far as his followers, I just don’t see how any one person could possible control every one of literally millions of people. But overall, I definitely agree he should be more positive in his stump speech.

  2. I think this New York Times article is mostly a hit job. The bottom line here is that Bernie is the first socialist who has a fighting chance to become president, so all the establishment liberals, like the Democratic Party hierarchy and the Times are freaking out. At least the Times story has more variety in its accusations, not just sticking to the bullshit that Bernie is sexist (in spite of the fact that more than half of his supporters are women). And I don’t think calling Bernie anti-semitic because of his criticism of Israel works very well, inasmuch as Bernie would be our first Jewish president. Probably there are some assholes who have done the things mentioned in the article, and that is worthy of criticism. But if you have literally millions of followers, how can you control every single one? I’m active in Bernie’s campaign, and I still haven’t met anyone who acts like the people in the Times article.

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