My New Booklet

For fifty years, my life has been dedicated to advancing fundamental social change by trying to help organize communities whose members both support one another in their self-development and engage in political action together. Some of those efforts to “integrate the personal and the political” have been more successful than others.

I’ve also self-published two books, Global Transformation: Strategy for Action and My Search for Deep Community: An Autobiography. Those books were essentially first drafts that I circulated quickly to get feedback to help improve my thinking before composing briefer, more marketable books.

Now I’m summing up my conclusions in a small booklet, whose working title is “Transform the World with Holistic Politics: Grow Compassionate Communities.”

I hope to find a publisher that will help market and distribute the book. Now that I’m retired from part-time cab driving, I could also promote the book myself.

Until I finish a solid draft of that declaration, I may not be posting much of my own writing here. When I do have a complete draft, I will periodically post segments here and seek feedback.

Keeping faith,

4 Responses to My New Booklet

  1. Looking forward to seeing your new work as it evolves.

    And I was heartened by your recent rethinking of your American focus as part of an international view. We are, each of us, a small part of many intersecting circles, big and small, from the nuclear family to the global family of all living beings, and we each have our part to play in all of those circles.

    Now, more than ever, we need to think globally and act locally. “Local” is where we are. And now, sometimes our “local” is an Internet-enabled global social network!

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