Report on the Feedback on the Draft Booklet

I just sent the following to the “Transform the World” respondents. If you want to join the conversation or get on that email list, please let me know.


Dear Respondents,

Nineteen individuals provided feedback on “Transform the World with Holistic Communities (11/3/17 Draft)” . You can review the complete feedback along with my reactions at

You can respond to my comments by going to that link and editing the document directly. If you do, please place your responses below mine flush left in regular font, and let me know so I can more easily report about additions to that document.

I very much appreciate everyone’s contribution and apologize for not thanking each of you individually.

The response was generally positive (four stars on average) and very helpful. Not coincidentally, I suspect, two of the more critical responses were particularly helpful. Those comments about the organization and tone of the document have had a big impact.

Although some reviewers suggested alternate wordings here and there and some said certain statements were over-generalizations, it seems there was little disagreement about the core principles. That is encouraging, for my main goal was to gain a sense of whether the path I’m on makes sense. Some reviewers were enthusiastic in their response. And the Nov. 18 workshop was very helpful. All of that support encourages me to persist.

On I just posted “Liberating Our Inner Hunter-Gatherer,” which reflects on an important issue that elicited several comments.

I urge you to read “What is Transformation?” — a booklet written by Robert Gass, co-founder of Rockwood Leadership Institute and founder of the Social Transformation Project, which has worked with “close to 300 of the most capable and promising leaders and activists in the social and economic justice, civil and human rights, peace, and environmental movements.” I’ll be sharing my evaluation of that booklet early next week. It would be interesting to receive your thoughts before I share mine.

Tonight I’ll begin reviewing more of STP’s online resources, including “Transforming Organizations,” which is “a user’s guide for organizational change — an in-depth explanation of and blueprint for a transformative, systems-based approach to strengthen progressive organizations.”

Thanks again for your interest.



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