Guarantee Living-Wage Job Opportunities

The Guarantee Living-Wage Job Opportunities petition is addressed to “activist organizations” and reads:

We urge you to work together to persuade the government in Washington to see to it that everyone who wants to work can find a living-wage job.

We can easily assure that  everyone who wants to work can find a decent job. There is no good reason not to do so.  Achieving this goal would have an enormous, positive impact throughout our society. Access to a decent job is a human right. We are morally obligated to secure that right. Please support this effort by signing the petition in one of the following ways:

  1. Click here to sign on
  2. Use the form below.
  3. Send an email to wadeATwadehudsonDOTnet. 

A list of all signers will be maintained below. For more info on this project, click here.

RELATED PROPOSAL: Proposed: A Working Conference on Full Employment (3/23/14 Draft)

Petition Supporters  (sorted by first name):

Abdul Malik Khan
Adrian Cracchiolo
Aldo Barbieri del Carpio
Amanda Reid
Amy Ledoux
Amy Rogers
Andrés Thomas Conteris
Andrew Blake
Andrew Johnson
April Johnson-Shults
Barbara Betts
Barbara Kivowitz
Ben Ament
Beth Waltz
Bhikkhu Bodhi
Bill Clark
Bob Anschuetz
Bob Morgan
Bonnie Weisel
Brad Reed
Bridget Childs
Bruce Hartford
Carol Lopez
Carol J. Meyer
Carolyn Kellogg
Cherie Barnard
Christopher Lizak
Clara Locher
Claudia Horwitz
Claudio Alpaca
Clinton D McDowell C
Dan Brook
Dan Nissenbaum
David Glober
David A Johnson
David Hartsough
David Jensen
Debra Brady
Denise Dynan
Denise Janssen Eager
Dh Fabian
Don Karp
Donald Goldmacher
Donald E. Vincent
Doug Butler
Doyle Phillips
Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh
Edurne González
Frank Smith
Gail Soudatt
Rev. Glenda Hope
Gordon Fellman
Gweneth Rosemaydance Dietrich
Gwenn Craig
Hayyim Feldman
Heidi Moore Breider
Helen Geiger
J. Michael Gilbreath
Jakada Imani
Jan Hartsough
Janet Weil
Janice Anschuetz
Jed Riffe
Jeff Aitken
Jeffrey B Peters
Jennifer Adams Devine
Joan Greenfield
Joel Sachs
John Breeding
John Cloud
John Testa
Joy Alexander
Julie Greenberg Takatsch
Justice Saint Rain
Justin Talbot Zorn
Karen Wolfman
Katherine Fisher
Katherine Sofos Looper
Ken Hodges
Kevin John Dail
Kirsten Moller
Kristen Walsh
Larry Pettit
Larry Walker
Lawrence Domingo
Len Mell
Leonard Reiter
Leonard Roy Frank
Lisa Ault
Lorelee Strand
Lorraine Roberts
Lucas Klein
Lucille Sutton
Luise Behr
Magdalena Abrego
Maggie Meehan
Malcolm S. Hoover
Marcella Womack
Maria Antonieta Eguiluz Romo
Marie Pritt
Marilyn Borchardt
Mark Brewster
Marty Weisel
Mary Hudson
Mary Lynne Quinnan Zahler
Matt Wilson
Michael J. Carano
Michael Friedman
Michael Larsen
Michael Nulty
Michael Robin
Michael Shaughnessy
Michael Stein
Michael Wade
Michelle Gralow
Mike Tikkanen
Mike Zonta
Mitchland Winter
Nadia Sindi
Nancy Ouellet
Nancy Walton-House
Nicholas Littlejohn
Pauline Eden
Penn Garvin
Peter Stern
Peter Wong
Philip Harvey
Phoebe Anne Sorgen
Rachael Atchison
Rashid Patch
Raymond Feldpausch
Rene Burke Ellis
Richard Gross
Rita Jolidon
Rob Waters
Robert Kiser
Robert Kourik
Robert Raymond Planthold
Robin Hensel
Roger Marsden
Roma Guy
Ron Stief
Roy Birchard
Sandra Gonzales
Sara Avery
Sara Colm
Sharon McAllister
Sheila Loayza
Sheldon Maskin
Shyrl McCormick
Simon Kenda
Stephanie Van Hook
Steve Love
Steven Shults
Stevor Compton
Susan Oehler
Susan Strong
Susan Weber
Talia Niederman
Teresa Anderson
Terry Mandel
Terry Rudd
Terrrie Frye
Tom Edminster
Tom Ferguson
Vern Simla
Victoria Pitchford
Wade Hudson
Wendy Marinaccio Husman
William Kruse
William McKay
Winter Peeler
Zach Rockwell

TOTAL: 173

4 Responses to Guarantee Living-Wage Job Opportunities

  1. Frank Smith commented:
    Yes, we do need to provide a living wage for Americans if we are to raise the standard of living for all those in our country.

  2. David Glober commented:
    Yes. I support this petition. Can’t sustain an economy based on super rich, dwindling middle class, and impoverishment … at some point that will implode for all three … as to some extent it already has. We can fix this. Thank you.

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