Worshipping Saviors

From Apotheosis Now, by Fara Dabhoiwala:

“What does it mean when men are worshiped, willingly or not, as gods? …It also serves to mask the extent to which Western attitudes depend on their own forms of magical thinking. Our culture, for example, fetishizes goods, money, and material consumption, holding them up as indices of personal and social well-being. Moreover, as Subin points out, none of us can truly escape this fixation:

Though we may demystify other people’s gods and deface their idols, our critical capacity to demystify the commodity fetish still cannot break the spell it wields over us, for its power is rooted in deep structures of social practice rather than simple belief. While fetishes made by African priests were denigrated as irrational, the fetish of the capitalist marketplace has long been viewed as the epitome of rationalism.

…We all make our own gods, for our own reasons, all the time.”

Also, it seems Democrats “worship” and seek Saviors, as many did with Obama and Sanders, for example. And why do Americans excessively credit or blame the President?


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