Launching “Wade’s Wire”

DSC00315Today I began publishing Wade’s Wire. This blog will be like Facebook in one respect. I will post “’what’s on my mind.” But unlike Facebook, readers can subscribe and receive posts via email. Or they can go to the site and see posts quickly and easily. In this way, people who don’t do Facebook or who miss my Facebook posts because of how Facebook works can more easily stay in touch.

Initially, posts on Wade’s Wire will be placed in the following categories:
• News/Opinion — Links and information about current events and op-ed columns
• Essays — Written by myself or others
• Photos/Videos
• Quotes
• Resources — Information about resources of potential interest to readers
• Wade’s Journal — Reflections and reports on my personal life

I’ll post to Wade’s Wire no more than three times a day.

You can subscribe now if you click here to visit the home page, enter your email address in the subscribe box, click Subscribe, and reply to the autoreply email you receive to verify that you want to subscribe.

And please consider letting me know what you think by submitting a comment on the site for the whole world to see.

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